New Twitter feature defines hashtags

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New Twitter feature defines hashtagsTwitter is currently working on a new feature that lets users know what certain hashtags mean.

Users accessing their mobile Twitter apps this Friday might happen upon Twitter putting their new feature through a trial. What this feature basically does is provide the meaning of a hashtag right below the hashtag’s text.

This would truly be helpful for those people who are unaware what some hashtags mean. For example, not everybody knows that #tbt means “Throwback Thursday”, or that #oitnb refers to the popular series, “Orange is the New Black.”

Twitter occasionally tests new features on small populations of its users. This is not an indication that the company will be rolling out the hashtag definition feature to all Twitter users worldwide.

Hashtags, which help users discover tweets on topics they’re invested in from people they don’t know or follow, have become incredibly popular in social media. Anybody with access to the Internet can create a hashtag. With so many hashtags in existence, it is unclear how Twitter will use its new feature. It’s possible that it will only apply to popular hashtags.

According to Twitter’s recent quarterly financial statement, the service has accrued over 271 million users. This figure exhibits an increase of 6 percent from the last quarter.

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  • David Shrout

    @tagdef gives you a link to their website to explain what a # means when they don’t already have it in their database. Twitter isn’t showing them to me!