GCHQ accrediting some university degrees

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GCHQ accrediting some university degreesThe NSA’s British counterpart, GCHQ, is now accrediting certain university degrees from some of the top colleges in the United Kingdom, including Oxford. The accreditations are provided with some online security degrees, and they are essentially the GCHQ’s stamp of approval which could help students find jobs at the government agency once they graduate.

Certain courses endorsed by the agency were already providing “well-defined and appropriate content,” so it would make sense for the GCHQ to get involved and recognize how those courses are equipping students. The GCHQ won’t necessarily be the only organization to benefit from the accreditations, since other companies could view them as a way to find out how qualified potential employees are.

These endorsements are also part of the UK’s general plan to combat cyber crime, and that is by creating more qualified security experts. UK Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has explained that the UK wants to become a very safe place to do business online and, to reach that end goal, more security experts need to be created to deal with an ever-increasing number of criminals.

A general lack of qualified security experts has left companies and government agencies in the UK and elsewhere desperate for people to hire. While these endorsements won’t necessarily create more employees, they will make finding the right ones a little bit easier.

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