China banning foreign security software

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China banning foreign security softwareThere are legitimate reasons for a country like China to worry about the NSA and other spy agencies, but the Chinese government is taking things quite far by banning the use of many foreign security programs. Software from Symantec and Kaspersky Lab has been added to a list of banned security software, meaning programs from either company can no longer be used by members of the Chinese government.

On the other hand, state-owned People’s Daily is reporting China has added five companies to its list of approved security software vendors. All five, however, are based in China where the country can keep an eye on them.

Symantec is based in the United States, but Kaspersky is located in Russia, so China is banning the use of software from almost all foreign companies. Kaspersky has already commented on the matter, stating that it has begun examining its relationship with the Chinese government.

This move comes after the Chinese government decided it would no longer use the latest Windows operating systems, and the country has even targeted mainstream tech companies like Apple in relation to the NSA. Microsoft, IBM and Cisco have all seen their businesses affected since the Edward Snowden leaks first appeared in 2013.

Via [Reuters]

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  • madethatway

    “..but the Chinese Government are taking things quite far….”

    Wrong. They’re doing exactly the right thing. So is Russia.

    The West has demonstrated time and again that it’s a treacherous and deceitful neighbor in the world and Russia and China have woken up to that fact; they’re doing what they need to do in order to protect themselves and their people.

    Can’t blame them one little bit.