Three UK confirms it doesn’t sell locked phones

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Three UK confirms it doesn't sell locked phonesIf you are a Three UK customer who has purchased a phone from the carrier in recent months, you may have noticed that the phone is not locked. Even though thousands of customers have been receiving phones that are unlocked at purchase from Three, the carrier has been quiet on the matter. Now, finally, Three has confirmed that it is no longer selling locked phones.

Unlocking phones is not something that should be restricted, yet many carriers around the world lock their phones so that people cannot use them with other carriers. Some carriers in the UK and US will unlock phones for a fee, but it is always a hassle to start using a device with an alternative service provider.

Three’s confirmation regarding its policy on phone unlocking comes just after US President Barack Obama signed into law a bill that will make it legal for phones to be unlocked. Previously, there had been restrictions on multiple levels in regards to the process, but people in Europe and the US are finally getting what they’ve wanted for years.

Three says that if people purchased a phone when they were still locked, they can unlock their device for free.

Via [Android Central]

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