Sony Xperia T3 now available in a host of European markets unlocked

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Sony Xperia T3Sony’s newest budget Android phablet, unveiled back in June, is at last up for grabs across Europe, although it’s not as budget-friendly as you may have wished. Considerably larger than, say, low-cost compact champions like Motorola’s [easyazon-link asin=”B00GWR373M” locale=”us”]Moto G[/easyazon-link], the Xperia T3 is roughly double the unlocked price of everyone’s favorite affordable Android.

On British shores, where Vodafone via Carphone Warehouse is the sole wireless service provider to carry the 5.3-incher, Sony’s online store charges a whopping £299 for the SIM-free variation, which converts to around $500.

Things aren’t a lot rosier in the Netherlands either, where the Xperia T3 is €349 ($470 a pop), while Sony’s local Spanish branch sells the 720p smartphone at €369 ($495). France and Italy-based jumbo-sized handheld aficionados are looking at even higher expenditures, namely €399, or $535.

Boy, for that money, you can do some stateside sightseeing and get yourselves an OG Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition. And you’ll still have enough to eat a nice dinner. Of course, if the T3 ever drops to America via official retail channels, it definitely won’t cost north of $350. But I’m afraid $350 is still too much.

Think about it: The Z Ultra is larger (at 6.4 inches), slimmer (at 6.5 mm), and boasts superior Full HD screen resolution. Plus, it has Snapdragon 800 processing power and 2 GB RAM. The T3, on the other hand, settles for a modest 720p res, run-of-the-mill Snapdragon 400 oomph and 1 gig of random-access memory.

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