LTE-enabled LG G Pad 7.0 arrives on AT&T August 8 starting at $0.99

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LG G Pad 7.0When we first heard (from now-retired serial leaker @evleaks) that LG will be bringing the entry-level G Pad 7.0 to AT&T, we ventured a guess vis-à-vis the Android tablet’s pricing structure, assuming it would fall in the “reasonable” section of your shopping lists.

But now we have to think of another nutshell description, as AT&T has just announced the G Pad 7.0 LTE will be available for as little as $0.99. The catch? You need to bundle it with a G2, G3 or G Flex smartphone on a two-year contract or purchase with a Next installment plan.

Just to be clear, say you want a sizzling hot LG handheld and a so-so slate. A measly 200 bucks gets you both the G3 and G Pad 7.0, as long as subscribing to two distinct 24-month pacts isn’t a problem.

Alternatively, the 7-incher shall go for $149.99 on-contract by itself, and $12.50 a month with AT&T Next 20. Technically, Ma Bell should offer an outright, obligation-free deal as well, in which case the retail value jumps to $250, but I guess August 8 will clarify why that part of G Pad’s pricing structure is yet to be detailed.

Since AT&T points out it’s the first wireless service provider to carry the 4G-packing tablet, not the only one, odds are Verizon, Sprint and/or T-Mobile will follow suit with their own launches soon enough. But I wouldn’t count on anyone cutting you a better deal than Ol’ Blue, so remember, August 8.

Via [AT&T Blog]

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