TouchPico projector creates touchscreens anywhere, runs Android

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Pocket or pico projectors are already pretty neat to begin with. Plug them into a laptop or mobile device in order to create a very large display screen. It’s useful for conducting presentations and fun for home media entertainment. Since most of these projectors can fit in the palm of your hand, they’re easy to carry and set up.

TouchPico projectorBut if you ever wanted to get more out of a projector, the team behind TouchPico are on the verge of doing just that. TouchPico, if its Indiegogo is to be believed, is more than just a compact projector. This device turns any surface into a touchscreen. On top of that, TouchPico can load Android apps and operate independently. It makes desktops, laptops and smartphones completely optional if you so desire.

The secret to the touch interaction is in the TouchPico stylus. The built-in infrared camera determines the touchscreen coordinates and relays that information to the projector at up to 40 frames per second. That’s fast enough to play some [easyazon-link asin=”B004RJMUJO” locale=”us”]Fruit Ninja[/easyazon-link] and score. This definitely takes interaction above and beyond the combination of laptop, projector and some gyroscopic mouse. The TouchPico can definitely up your professional game, too.

Even though the TouchPico combines the power of Android 4.0 with an 80-lumen projector, along with high-tech infrared touch interaction, it still packs some added features. It has an SD memory card slot, HDMI port and built-in speakers. All of this power can fit in your front pocket, and it’s not any more expensive than a comparable projector you can purchase right now.

Check out the TouchPico campaign on Indiegogo. They’re already overfunded with a couple of weeks to go. Their delivery schedule to backers seems quite aggressive, but this is the kind of device that is worth the wait if/when any delays occur (because they do).

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