Amazon same-day service expands to new U.S. markets

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Amazon same-day service expands to new US marketsAmazon is not profitable for a variety of reasons. One of them is its desire to ship items to customers as quickly as possible, and many times it does so without asking the customer to pay very much. Prime users, for example, pay nothing for two-day shipping, which means Amazon pays for the expedited shipping service every time a Prime member orders something.

Two-day shipping is more than enough for many customers, and since Prime members get it for free, that speed is even more attractive. However, same-day shipping is what Amazon would like to offer to everyone as soon as it possibly can. Same-day shipping has begun rolling out in some markets around the United States, and today has seen another expansion of the service.

Customers in Dallas, Baltimore, New York City, D.C., and other metropolitan areas will now be able to order items before noon and receive them the same day. For Prime members in the same-day markets, Amazon will deliver the items in just a few hours for a $5.99 fee.

Same-day isn’t just available on business days either, which means customers can order items from the site any day of the week and receive them on the same day as long as they place the order early enough.

Via [TechCrunch]

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