Mysterious Motorola XT1096 en route for Verizon as Moto X+1 or Droid Ultra 2

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motorola-xt1096With legendary industry insider @evleaks out of the mobile leaking game as of a few days ago, a dramatic drop in the quality and credibility of online information spills was to be expected. And it looks like it’s already staring us in the face, as an anonymous tipster just sent Android Central one of the least spectacular leaks in recent memory.

Sure, it’s better than nothing, but for crying out loud, it’s a box. Make that a picture of a box, or better yet, a snapshot of the side of a box. Inside the package, there allegedly lies a cryptic XT1096 handheld manufactured by Motorola Mobility and headed for Verizon at an unspecified point in the future.

We’re guessing the near future, as both Droid Ultra and Moto X’s sequels are tipped for commercial debuts in time for the holiday season. Hard to say which of the two is the better candidate for this enigmatic Motorola XT1096 model number, since the first-gen X is codenamed XT105x and XT106x, while the original Ultra also goes by XT1080.

It’s equally plausible we’re looking at the pre-commercial, testing-destined packaging of a Droid Maxx follow-up, whereas the rumored Droid Mini 2 is more of a dark horse, given XT1096 suggests high-end hardware.

Oh, well, maybe the mystery leaker is just giving us a whiff of what he’s capable of, with a subsequent tip perhaps including images of, oh I don’t know, the actual smartphone hidden in the cardboard container.

Via [Android Central]

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