Rumor: LG G3 Stylus is aimed at budget phablet niche, not the Galaxy Note 4

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LG G3 StylusLG “confirmed” the existence of a stylus-supporting G3 variant dubbed simply LG G3 Stylus in a fairly unorthodox way, openly outing the phablet and its name in an otherwise humdrum G3 Beat promo video.

Naturally, the company played coy on the heels of the “accidental” exposé, pulling the clip from the company’s official YouTube channel with little notice or explanation. As such, we were left wondering as to the specifications and intentions of the jumbo-sized Android, until The Korea Times consulted with its regularly reliable “industry sources.”

According to insiders, the G3 Stylus is nowhere near the direct Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rival we expected, lowering the hardware bar compared to the standard [easyazon-link asin=”B00L9OVC94″ locale=”us”]G3[/easyazon-link]. Battery capacity and screen resolution will be “different” (read inferior), while display size is tipped to remain the same, although G3 Beat’s product movie seemed to suggest a dimension gap of sorts.

Overall, instead of going toe to toe with the Note 4, the G3 Stylus should offer a pen-pushing choice at a fraction of the former’s no doubt extravagant price. No exact features are listed in Korea Times’ report, but we’re guessing Full HD or even standard HD panel res, 2 GB RAM (tops), and a 2,500 mAh or so juicer are in the cards. Not bad, as long as LG doesn’t get greedy.

After all, note-taking on a phone shouldn’t be restricted to the rick folk, right?

Via [Korea Times]

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