Remotie gives iOS users a new way to push around Samsung

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It’s not quite as sinister as it sounds, but those who care little and less about the Apple-Samsung rivalry within the home certainly stand to benefit from it. Yes, some die-hard Apple zealots abhor the use of any Samsung product. I’ve met a few who quit talking to me and walked away after discovering I prefer Android and use a Samsung device. (They were nice up to that point.)

Remotie app iPhone handExtremely rare exceptions aside, though, most people don’t mind who makes a product so long as it works for them. So if you happen to be an iOS user with a Samsung Smart TV, there’s a new app that gives you full control right from your iPhone.

Remotie, by Kraftwerk 9, is designed to remotely control all Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-Ray players released from 2010 to 2013. Unlike the remotes that come with TVs and Blu-Ray devices, Remotie allows full button and layout customization. Users can simplify and streamline the way they access and view content, especially if they frequent media services and web content.

If you’ve ever despised entering characters into a TVs search box, Remotie alleviates your rage. Users can enter text through an iOS-keyboard or voice input (in-app purchase).

The best part? The app is free to download and try out on the App store. For more information, visit the Remotie app website.

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