T-Mobile-exclusive Sony Xperia Z1s scores long overdue KitKat update

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Sony Xperia Z1sWe’ve heard of sluggish software support from U.S. wireless service providers before, but wow: The way T-Mobile has treated Sony’s [easyazon-link asin=”B00JKRKOA0″ locale=”us”]Xperia Z1S[/easyazon-link] since its January 2014 launch pushes lethargy to a whole new level.

Essentially an Uncarrier-exclusive clone of the international [easyazon-link asin=”B00F62V0VA” locale=”us”]Z1[/easyazon-link], the Xperia Z1s broke ground with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean pre-loaded and, despite a lot of movement on Z1’s 4.4 front… nothing. KitKat kept postponing its debut on the Z1s until just a few hours ago, when 4.4.4 firmwares started making their way to now resigned users.

Better late than never? Tell that to folks who spent $500 on the “high-end” Xperia Z1s only to see entry-level devices like Motorola’s [easyazon-link asin=”B00GWR373M” locale=”us”]Moto G[/easyazon-link] board the KitKat bandwagon six months ahead of them.

In case you’ve stuck by, and somehow haven’t abandoned hope after all this time, the upgrade is available both over-the-air and via the PC companion application. Of course, the former method is much more hassle-free, but apparently, the latter is verified to work already nearly in every corner of the United States, unlike the OTA, which rolls out staggered, as always.

What’s new, you ask? Everything. Overall performance is improved, bugs are squashed, the user interface is tweaked, and wireless printing support is added in the mix.

It’s almost as if the scrumptious changelog makes the waiting all worth it.


Via [Xperia Blog]

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