uBeam provides wireless charging at a distance

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uBeam provides wireless charging at a distanceWireless charging is already a sought after feature in mobile devices since it lets people charge a phone or tablet just by setting it on a surface. With researchers trying to find ways to charge devices from a distance, the current wireless charging technology may be just a glimpse of what’s to come.

uBeam is a new piece of technology created by 25-year-old Meredith Perry. The tech allows for devices to be charged from a distance with the use of ultrasound. Yep, that’s right, uBeam actually converts electricity into sound and then uses ultrasound to bring the electricity to a device. A uBeam receiver attached to the device being charged can receive the ultrasound signals and convert them back into usable electricity.

A working prototype of uBeam has already been developed, and Perry’s team now hopes to bring the technology to consumers.

Perry has compared the system to Wi-Fi in that people already have “connected” devices without any wires or restrictions. With uBeam, people could be walking around a room and using their device while it is charging, essentially moving the entire charging process into the background.

It is only expected to be two years before uBeam is available for purchase, and since the technology has works, it is only a matter of logistics when trying to bring the tech to consumers.

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