Snowden gets three-year residence in Russia

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Snowden gets 3-year residence in RussiaEdward Snowden will no longer have to worry about where he is going to live — at least, not for a few years. The NSA leaker has been living in Russia for the past year, and instead of just renewing his asylum status, Russia has granted him a three-year residence permit, allowing him to remain in the country without worry.

The permit officially went into effect on August 1, shortly after Snowden’s legal team confirmed he was trying to extend his asylum in the country. Snowden has publicly stated his interest in moving to another part of the world where the U.S. cannot retrieve him, but Russia will likely be his home for the next few years.

Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s lawyer, explained that the permit means Snowden will not be able to stay abroad for longer than three months, and while he is inside of Russia, he will not be restricted in his movement around the country.

It is also possible Snowden could try to make his stay in Russia even more permanent by applying for citizenship. That is something Kucherena says is possible, at least given his general situation.

The U.S. maintains that Snowden should be tried in court on American soil, but the NSA leaker says a fair trial would not be possible if he came back to the States.

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