SunFriend will make August sunburn-free

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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.25.54 AMSunburn, thou art a heartless bitch.

Those of us who aren’t literally allergic to the sun mostly love the sun, except for the whole potentially life-threatening damage thing. That part sucks.

SunFriend is a cute little piece of wearable technology that’s actually doing something about that. It’s a bracelet that tracks the wearer’s exposure to the sun based on his or her skin sensitivity so that once you’ve had your n0-cancer-for-me-thanks fill, it let’s you know to get your skin indoors.

It reads the UVA+B sun rays you’re exposed to from the direct sun, those reflected off the water, under clouds, and through glass. When the LED indicator lights tell you you’ve had your maximum amount of safe exposure, you either put on some coverage in the form of clothes or bail on direct sunlight and head for the nearest palm shade.

It’s waterproof, ensures a healthy daily dose of vitamin D, and protects the wearer from cancer and other skin diseases.

The sun’s rays are getting stronger and more damaging due to the Greenhouse Effect so it’s more important than ever to take protection seriously. Sunblock is a good start but shade and loose fitting clothing that covers skin entirely is important. With the help of SunFriend, there won’t be any doubt about when it’s a good time to duck and cover.

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