Sony’s leaked IFA 2014 invite alludes to looming phone(s), lens-style cameras

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Sony IFAAs if the recent bundle of information spills on Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact smartphones weren’t enough to clarify the duo was prepped for an IFA 2014 introduction, a purported press conference invitation has now surfaced, clearing the air once and for all.

Yes, Sony will visit Berlin on September 3 to showcase a bunch of new gear, and the photographic bits and pieces accompanying the text suggest at least one fresh Android handheld will be among the event’s stars.

Odds are the actual product to be unveiled isn’t pictured on the invite though, so don’t read too much into the striking similarities between it and the existing [easyazon-link asin=”B00J99NFZK” locale=”us”]Xperia Z2[/easyazon-link]. Ditto for the teased lens-style camera/smartphone accessory, which probably looks an awful lot like the aging [easyazon-link asin=”B00EVIJWXS” locale=”us”]DSC-QX10[/easyazon-link] because they’re one and the same gizmo.

But obviously, Sony didn’t just happen to feature the QX10 on the save-the-date paper, so some kind of follow-up or spin-off is likely in the cards. As is a new TV or two, and speakers. No tablets? That’s odd, but maybe the Japanese deemed the rumored Xperia Z3 Tablet worthy of its own separate announcement.

Via [Xperia Blog]

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