LG G Vista no longer Verizon exclusive

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lg_g_vista_attThere used to be a time when we thought “phablet” only went along with the notion of high-end technology. But demand for jumbo-sized Android smartphones on the cheap seems to be flourishing by the day, with Samsung and LG in particular catering to the needs of this target audience.

Sammy has the Galaxy Mega family, soon to grow by a couple, and the Note 3 Neo, although the latter isn’t exactly cheap, while LG will retaliate before long with the G3 Stylus and G Vista. Available on Verizon since last week, the poorly named Vista (Microsoft still has nightmares) is, as expected, due on AT&T as well. In exactly 14 days, i.e., on August 22.

Ma Bell missed takeoff and thus lost a lot of publicity steam to rival Big Red; however, the number-two wireless carrier stateside plans to undercut Verizon’s pricing. The G Vista, launched on America’s largest network at $100 on-contract, shall cost $50 with a two-year AT&T term, or $355 outright.

Granted, Verizon discounted the mid-range 5.7-incher almost instantly after its debut, lowering the pact bar to $50. But free of contractual obligations, their G Vista is a far-too-steep $399.99.

Also, AT&T’s Next monthly installment structure seems a bit more flexible and lucrative than Big Red’s Edge ask, as buyers can opt for a 12-month program with $17.75 payments, or choose to cough up $14.80 every 30 days for a year and a half.

Not bad for a big guy that at the end of the day is no pushover, with its crisp 720p screen, beefy quad-core processor, capable 8 MP rear camera and spacious 3,200 mAh battery. Throw in stylus support, and don’t go overboard on retail costs, and you have a champion, LG.

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