iGuardian flexes business grade internet protection at home

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Every other week we’re greeted with fresh articles about new malware attacks or network exploits/vulnerability. Even if one hasn’t been directly affected by such incidents, the perpetual flow of news is concerning nonetheless. Considering that internet connectivity is king and the internet-of-everything is touching, well, everything, fears are completely justified.

When it comes to security software, defensive apps, and security tips to protect devices, there’s a sea of choice to navigate. It’s easy to give up when you don’t know what to pick. So for those who have ever felt lost and worried, Itus Networks has launched a simple yet effective solution.

iGuardian internet protection securityThe iGuardian is designed to protect home networks with business-class efficacy. A key feature to iGuardian lies with how it requires no configuration or set up experience whatsoever. Families can enjoy comprehensive internet security with an installation so easy that a toddler can do it. Simply put, iGuardian is the middleman between the cable internet coming into the house and the wireless router within. This wee box running Linux and intrusion-protection software is all you need.

Since iGuardian inspects internet traffic before it reaches your network, all devices are protected. This includes products that wouldn’t be protected otherwise: game consoles, home security cameras, lights, thermostats, and appliances, to name a few. The scope is comprehensive. iGuardian will keep viruses, phishing scams, file exploits – pretty much any and all malware that would want to make a home in any of your devices. Get some peace of mind that all your personal data and information will actually stay secure.

Not only is iGuardian affordable, there are no subscription fees either. Compared to other hardware firewalls on the market, you’re out only a fraction of the price. All users will automatically receive all new updates without any added cost. Want to find out more? Check out the iGuardian project up on Kickstarter.

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