Microsoft unveils $25 Nokia 130

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Nokia-130When Microsoft purchased and absorbed Nokia’s free-falling mobile phone business and gave pink slips to roughly 12,500 of its employees, a series of tough decisions regarding its product portfolio were anticipated.

It didn’t take long for Redmond to realize it was better off without the unfortunate Android-based X experiment, which will be shifted to Windows Phone in the near future. A number of hints were dropped vis-à-vis a resource cutback in the entry-level feature phone department, and “dumb” handhelds should ultimately disappear.

Not entirely, and not immediately, as a new Series 30 Nokia has been unveiled by Microsoft Mobile to cater to the needs of the more than one billion people worldwide who don’t own a cell phone and want to start off simple and cheap.

Simple and cheap is the middle name of the Nokia 130, with recommended retail priing circling the $25 magic number. Of course, the little guy is unlikely to ever show its vintage face stateside, so prospective buyers should be ready to cough up around €19 in emerging markets starting “this quarter.”

For the price of a fast-food meal, the 130 offers, well, voice call support on 2G networks, a colorful 1.8-inch display, built-in flashlight (that sure brings back some memories), and Nokia’s iconic outstanding battery life. Also, there’s a microSD card slot for filling up the handheld with music and, yes, videos. Optional dual SIM functions are in tow as well, though we’re guessing they cost extra. A couple of bucks extra, that is.

Via [Nokia Conversations]

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