LG quietly unveils low-end, Android KitKat-running L60 handheld

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LG L60Oh look, another unremarkable member of the humdrum entry-level LG L Series III. Just what the already-overcrowded smartphone universe needed. Yes, I’m being ironic. And a little mean. But can you blame me?

LG has been so busy throwing everything it has against the wall to see what sticks that the wall is about to cave under the pressure. Heck, Samsung is probably jealous of this all-embracing L Series III, which nowadays consists of an L20, L30, L35, L40, L50, L65, L70, L80 and L90.

Did we forget anything? Oh, right, the L60 that inconspicuously showed up on LG’s Russian website over the weekend. Sheesh, if LG keeps it up, it may need to go for monikers like L69, L007 or L3.14 soon enough.

Snark aside, L60, as the name suggests, sits squarely between the L50 and L65 on LG’s totem pole. It’s actually closer to the former, as it packs half of L65’s RAM (512 MB), and a lackluster 1,540 mAh battery, compared to the magnificent 2,100 mAh juicer inside the L65.

Another notable downgrade is the processor, which is technically clocked higher on the L60 (1.3 GHz), but likely much laggier in real-life use, coming from MediaTek’s low-end, low-cost laboratories rather than Qualcomm’s workshops.

But look on the bright side: There’s no way LG will charge north of $200 for the 4.3-inch dual SIM L60 when it goes on sale in Eastern Europe and Asia (i.e. in a few weeks), and for that dough, you at least get up-to-date Android 4.4 KitKat software and top drawer LG-specific optimizations such as KnockON and Guest Mode.

Via [GSM Arena]

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