HTC joins 64-bit smartphone race with Sprint-bound Desire codenamed A11

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HTC A11Basically anointed @evleaks’ heir to the mobile leak throne by the legendary, retired industry insider himself, newcomer @upleaks seems mighty keen on proving his reliability and worth. During the past week or so, the mysterious tipster has tweeted an abundance of information on countless unreleased devices, although most of it was just not that juicy.

Some we knew already, and there was a tweet or two that smelled fishy. Still, one exposé did ultimately catch our attention, looking both interesting and authentic at a first glance.

Apparently, Samsung and Huawei aren’t the only Android handheld manufacturers working on 64-bit gear, with HTC now in the mix to launch the first Google-based phone with superior processing power. Make that theoretically superior processing power, as HTC’s A11 allegedly packs Qualcomm’s low-cost Snapdragon 410 chip.

Mind you, A11 is nothing but an internal codename, and when it comes to light, the 64-bit Sprint-destined gadget should join the ever-growing Desire family. A Desire 510 moniker is in the cards, suggesting low-end specs all around, including a 4.7-inch 854 x 480 pix res display (oh, my), 5 MP rear-facing camera and VGA front snapper.

I know, those are some disgustingly modest specs, and the low-res photos purportedly starring the A11 highlight a fugly, glossy plastic rear and big-bezeled front. But wait until you see how big of a difference the 64-bit chip makes for real-life performance. Yes, even on a low-ender like this.

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