It’s Tuesday morning, so you’re probably sexting

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I was on a glorious vacation last week in my exotic hometown of Los Angeles, and it was amazing. However, it was like as soon as I declared I wouldn’t do any work on my vacation, the Internet gods deemed it would release all the most wonderful tidbits of writeable news. It was a tease, but now I’m back to remedy the situation. One of my favorite news tidbits was the new data that revealed when most people get their sext on. And while you would think it would be at nights or on the weekends, it is actually the VERY sexual Tuesday mornings that won the competition. Go on with your bad self, Tuesday mornings.


The study was conducted by Retina-X Studios after polling 4,800 people. The conclusion? Most sexting occurs on Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and noon. Oh my damn. AND, iPhone users were twice as likely to engage in sexting versus Android users. Stop being so prude, Android users.

That being said, it is currently Tuesday morning and you can bet I am on high alert around the office. I guess you could call me the unofficial office sexting monitor. As you can imagine, I am wracking my brain trying to figure out what Tuesday has to offer sexters that the other days of the week do not possess. The obvious day of the week would of course be Wednesday AKA Hump Day, but perhaps today’s sexters lack the patience. And the mornings? I’ve got nothing.

Either way, if you’ve got meetings scheduled this Tuesday morning, don’t be surprised if your attendees are on their smartphones not paying attention.

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