Asus upgrades PadFone Infinity, Fonepad Note 6 to Android 4.4 KitKat

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Asus KitKatHave you ever wondered why Asus smartphones and tablets don’t sell like hotcakes in spite of their really unique identities and productivity edge over, say, Samsung, Sony or LG-made rivals? Of course, the Nexus 7 line is the exception, with its popularity mostly owed to Google’s co-branding stamp.

A modest marketing budget is the easiest explanation for Asus’ failure to grow into a household name of the Android business, but maybe sluggish software support also has something to do with it. Case in point, while Samsung and Sony roll out KitKat updates for veterans and low-enders, Asus is barely bringing Android 4.4 to the one-year-old Fonepad Note 6 and 2 GB RAM-packing PadFone Infinity.

Yes, yes, better late than never, blah, blah, blah, but given the specs of these two, work on 4.4 ports should have taken a few months tops. Then again, Asus took its time to incorporate the ZenUI into the chocolaty OS, tainting its vanilla flavor and ultimately wasting precious memory resources.

Oh, well, other than that, you’re looking at your standard KitKat bumps, featuring countless stability and performance enhancements, plus added wireless printing support, improved Emoji service and, yes, considerable bloatware removal.

Both the Fonepad Note 6 phablet and PadFone Infinity smartphone/slate hybrid are bumped up over-the-air, with instructions for alternative manual updates and even download links available here and here. Tread carefully though, and remember to back up your data before moving away from Jelly Bean.

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