Uber updates driver app with turn-by-turn directions

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Uber updates driver app with turn-by-turn directionsAn update has been pushed out for the Uber driver app that will make navigating routes easier. The update provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions in case a driver is unsure of the best possible route to take when driving someone. On the passenger side of things, that app has been updated to allow customers to specify their destination first thereby making things even easier for all parties involved.

The Uber application is used by drivers for almost everything during a ride, so switching between it and a mapping app while driving is not very convenient. That is why including turn-by-turn directions directly within the application for drivers will be beneficial, as it means drivers will only ever have to open one app during a ride.

The mapping for this latest update is reportedly provided partly by Uber and partly by third-party partners the company is working with. Uber would have no way to put together its own mapping application, so the app is likely reliant on third-party services for most of its functionality.

Similar mapping technology could be useful for UberPool, the company’s recently announced budget transportation service that people can use if they are fine with sharing a ride. For UberPool drivers, destination information would have to be provided before pickups are made in order for everything to work.

Via [TechCrunch]

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