Nokia Lumia 520 drops to all-time low $40 with AT&T GoPhone via Amazon

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Nokia Lumia 520The moment Nokia Microsoft will be offering up the wildly successful Lumia 520 for no charge, with no contractual obligations, is nearing. Okay, maybe it’s never going to come to that, and given a 530 sequel has been announced, 520’s termination is likely around the corner.

But before it gets shipped out to a better world, the 4 incher, now running Windows Phone 8.1, has just dropped to a new all-time low price on Amazon. After gradually lowering the bar, from $100 to $90, then $70, $55 and most recently $50, the dirt-cheap handheld goes for $39.99.

Yes, 40 bucks. No, no lengthy carrier agreement is required. Just a prepaid AT&T GoPhone plan, and you’re ready to, well, go. And best of all, there are no indications this is a deal limited in any way by time, space or other variables. It’s here to stay, at least until MS decides to pull the plug.

Amazon’s number one prepaid best seller and the most popular Windows Phone around (by a landslide) offers outstanding hardware specifications for the costs of, say, a couple of IMAX movie tickets, including a dual-core, yes, dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, 512 MB RAM, 5 MP camera, and 4G HSPA+ connectivity. Oh, and let’s not forget Cortana voice assistance, courtesy of WP 8.1. Your move, Motorola.

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