Hotel begins using robotic butlers for room service

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Hotel begins using robotic butlers for room serviceThe Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California is surrounded by high-tech companies and members of the tech industry, and now the hotel is bringing in robots to takeover some of the jobs previously assigned to human beings. As we have been seeing in many industries, robots are simply more efficient and generally better than humans at certain tasks, and the same goes for butlers.

A robot called the A.L.O. Botlr has been programmed to assist the hotel by taking over some of the jobs usually given to room service. The 3-foot-tall 100-pound robot can now show up at guest doors to bring them food, towels, and other items, just like room service normally would. Since hotels usually have elevators capable of reaching all guest floors, the Botlr can travel around the hotel without worrying about stairs or other challenging obstacles.

If a particular item does not weigh more than two pounds, it can be loaded onto a robot when someone calls down for something. Then, once the item is on a robot, that robot can travel to the guest’s room and even call for elevators using cellular and WiFi connections.

Rather than knocking on a guest’s door, the robot will call the room to let guests know when it has arrived. Also, instead of taking tips, the robot simply asks for tweets that use the #meetbotlr hashtag.

Via [Engadget]

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