One in five Android devices now use KitKat, but half are still on Jelly Bean

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Android versionsAndroid haters are about to have their now traditional monthly field day, as Google has just released the latest platform breakdown. Based on data harvested during the seven days leading up to August 12, fragmentation continues to be a big problem for Android, an OS dominated by two-year-old builds despite the newest flavor closing in on its own one-year anniversary.

Big G is of course only partially at fault here, as its numerous hardware-manufacturing partners often let their “unique” optimizations and skins get in the way of timely updates. That said, at least 4.4 KitKat is on the rise, a sluggish, lethargic rise which sees it capture a 20 percent piece of the pie at last.

20.9 percent, to be specific, which is exactly three points north of KK’s market share at the beginning of July. Think that’s bad? Then let me remind you back in May, 4.4 wasn’t even in double digits yet. Now, roughly one in five Android devices in use run the chocolaty operating system.

Meanwhile, crunching up the numbers for the three distinct Jelly Bean versions makes up a total of 54.2 percent of the Android landscape, down from 58 a month ago. That’s still more than half of everything, but at least JB is (slowly) losing steam.

Which is not what we can say about 2.3 Gingerbread. The OG OS, around from 2010, yes, 2010, sits at a cool 13.6 percent, up (!) from last month’s 13.5. Now that’s just batshit crazy. How in the heck can a four-year-old Android build be on the rise?

Oh, well, Ice Cream Sandwich is about to drop in the single digits, currently standing at 10.6 points, and Froyo is going the way of the dodo, although its 0.7 percent share is weirdly stagnant. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like the best time to introduce Android L, but waiting for perfect timing could well take forever.

Via [Android Developers]

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