Hackers think they are above the law, survey shows

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Hackers think they are above the law, survey showsHackers are very often breaking the law, but that doesn’t seem to phase them according to a new survey. Thycotic, a password protection firm, interviewed a group of 127 hackers during the Black Hat 2014 conference and tried to figure out what motivates them and how they think about getting caught. The majority of hackers just do it for the fun provided by hacking while 19 percent admit to having a financial motive.

In the case of 29 percent of the hackers, they are operating because of some greater moral compass, and around 1 percent are looking for notoriety.

Even more interesting than the motives of the self-identified hackers are their overwhelming feelings towards getting caught as a result of their actions. Around 86 percent of the individuals say they do not think they will get caught, and Thycotic CEO Jonathan Cogley believes the hackers do not even think what they are doing is wrong in any way.

Most of the hackers say they continue to use some of the oldest known techniques to carry out their hacks. Among those tactics are phishing and spoofing, and 99 percent of the respondents state those methods are still very effective in 2014.

With it clear that many hackers think they are above the law, it is not surprising the number of hacks and hackers has continued to skyrocket in recent years.

Via [CNET]

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