Twitter adding new features just for verified users

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Twitter adding new features just for verified usersThe verified status on Twitter is always something people want to get, and since Twitter caters to its more popular users, a few new features are being rolled out just for the special group of people who have earned the verified checkmark. Twitter will now send notifications to verified users when they are following another verified person who has returned the favor. If a verified user is accessing Twitter via the iOS application, they can also view all of their verified followers in a pre-made list.

Certain features meant to filter out verified and non-verified communications have been included in Twitter since 2013 when the service added the ability to only look at tweet replies from verified users.

Twitter doesn’t let anyone apply to become a verified user, so unless people are either famous in a particular community or end up working for a company with connections at Twitter, the chances of getting a verified checkmark are low. The vast majority of people who would like to have access to the features now being rolled out for verified users will never be able to use those options.

Twitter has always tried to attract as many popular individuals as possible, so at least for the famous people who interact on the site, these features may be useful and attract additional users.

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