The Ventev powercase 1500 is an ideal travel companion

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525377jpgA couple days ago, I was on a flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Naturally, I couldn’t live without the overpriced in-flight wifi and on-demand television that was thankfully at my fingertips. Because I had the in-flight wi-fi I was able to gchat my friend the entire flight. Phew! We both agreed that we didn’t understand how people used to fly without all this amazing technology. Seriously, even when I was a kid I at least had a gameboy for countless hours of Mario to get me through. However, my friend and I also agreed that there is one technological issue that can make or break a flight: smartphone battery life.

I even saved her exact quote:

“I feel like as long as i have my iphone i can never be bored unless it dies.. then you’re screwed.”

And yet, I have been hesitant to jump on the charger iPhone cases. They always look so bulky, and maybe I’m shallow but I’d like to think a user’s iPhone case reflects its owner. And I’d rather not be considered bulky and anesthetically pleasing. So, I was relieved to see a case with a built-in portable battery charger that I would actually use, and even better, it was light!

The Ventev powercase 1500 features an easy-to-assemble design and a battery capacity of 1500mAh. Imagine all the in-flight possibilities! And you can play as many hours of Temple Run has your fingers can handle. It also features a LED battery level indicator, and the case does not hinder your ability to use your phone’s actual functions such as the camera and the side buttons.

The Ventev powercase 1500 retails for $49.99. Check it out here.

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