Google, HP reportedly partnering for Google Now for Business

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Google, HP reportedly partnering for Google Now for BusinessGoogle and Apple are both making pushes for the enterprise market through partnerships with other tech companies, and Google’s latest partnership may be with HP. The Information says that Google and HP are working on a version of Google Now for the enterprise market that will be called Google Now for Business. Rather than looking through personal data to update users, Google Now for Business would look through corporate data to provide important company information.

HP has also tried to work with Google in the past on other business products. In The Information’s report it is noted HP tried to partner with Google for an encrypted Nexus device that would be aimed at the enterprise market, but as there is no such device in the works, the tech companies never ended up working together.

The business-focused Android assistant would reportedly pull up financial information as well as information about company meetings. Since everyone in a corporate office would presumably use Android devices and Google Now for Business, they could remain up-to-date with the company’s latest information.

Neither HP nor Google have commented on The Information’s article, but an enterprise push from Google, no matter how it happens, would be wise.

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  • Adam

    When in doubt, follow Apple’s strategy….