Comcast leaves another customer on hold for hours

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Comcast leaves another customer on hold for hoursIf Comcast weren’t in a position where it is the default internet and cable provider for many customers it would seem like the company is trying to ruin itself. Customer service departments at companies like Comcast are notoriously bad, but Comcast has been taking things to a new level recently. Once again, a customer attempted to cancel his service and was subsequently transferred to the “retention department” where he remained for three hours. Best of all, the customer in question is Aaron Spain who just happened to be smart enough to record himself on the phone to show he had been on hold for hours.

After waiting for three hours trying to get to the cancellation department, Spain decided to call the customer service department again from a different phone. After dialing, Spain was informed by an automated message that Comcast had closed despite him still being on hold on another phone.

Since the video was posted on August 11 it has received nearly 900,000 views on YouTube, and Comcast has responded.

“Under no circumstances is this the experience we want our customers to have. Our goal is to be respectful of our customers’ time and fix any issues the first time,” says Comcast. “We take this very seriously, and after investigating Mr. Spain’s situation, we want to apologize to him and acknowledge that his experience was completely unacceptable.” 

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  • Bryce Canyon

    What kind of a maroon stays on hold for three hours? Did he think he’d wash up on Gilligan’s Island? Looks like all the operator headspace isn’t at Comcast.

  • skip

    Uhhh… how about moron. Speaking of, do you really think that attacking the customer who PAYS for service is the real answer? I expect to be compensated with competent service, support and services for my monthly fees (which are higher than I would expect for what I receive). I say good job in bringing attention to this company’s horrible customer service and overpriced offerings. By the way… I think I see a set of antlers between the coors light cans on your cardboard table buddy, quick – get the BB gun and take aim, and stop posting incoherent stupidity on here.