Asus confirms pre-IFA September 3 event, sets out ‘in search of incredible’ again

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Asus IFASay what you will about Asus, but the Taiwan-based PC, tablet and smartphone producer has never been a big fan of prudence. Its entire device roster, from PadFones to Fonepads to Transformer Pads and Zenfones, has risks written all over it, and even in terms of release timelines, Asus has rarely applied caution.

So no, they may not be the world’s most popular or profitable tech player, but they’re undoubtedly among the boldest. And their latest scheduling move just goes on to further confirm it.

Although Jerry Shen & co. know full well September 3 is going to be Samsung’s big day in Berlin, with the Galaxy Note 4 phablet and Gear Solo smartwatch in the pipeline, Asus is to “search the incredible” the exact same day, on the exact same stage.

Their chances to rain on Sammy’s parade? Close to zero. But they can try. Besides, in a way, this counter-programming tactic is actually really smart. Think about it, once Samsung rolls out the Note 4, the tech media is poised to turn its back on the whole IFA shindig. So unveiling stuff on the 4th or 5th may be futile.

On the 3rd however, you at least know for sure the world is tuned in to what goes down in Germany, and inevitably, someone has to notice you too. For a second, a minute, 15 minutes… of fame. That said, we’d like to remind you Asus is expected to debut its rookie Android Wear smartwatch effort next month, alongside new installments in the Fonepad, MeMo Pad and/or Transformer Pad series.

Via [GSM Arena]

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