Fresh benchmark sets Moto X+1 specs in stone: S801, Full HD 5.2-inch screen

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Moto XFor a yet to be announced smartphone, Motorola’s Moto X+1 sure flexed its muscles a lot in early benchmarks, first emerging in a test speed way back in April. Or did it? Well, we’re beginning to think the XT912A is actually the model number of Droid Ultra’s rumored sequel, as an XT1097 has just cropped up on GFX Bench, looking slightly different from the 912.

And there’s really no question as to the new guy’s identity, with the X+1 moniker spelled out in black and white. Any chance therefore the XT912A was an earlier prototype version of the first-gen X’s follow-up?

It’s not impossible, but it feels like a long shot, with the alternative names so far apart. But let’s not get caught up on this part of the story, and instead rejoice at X+1’s brawn. Just as Geekbench recently suggested, a quad-core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 chip handles the raw performance business, doubled by a generous 2 gigs of RAM.

Running near-vanilla Android 4.4.4 KitKat on the software side of things, the customizable beast measures a comfy 5.2 inches in diagonal and “settles” for Full HD resolution in lieu of adopting the gimmicky Quad HD pixel count.

Strangely, built-in storage is listed at a scanty 16 GB, which is hardly enough for a high-end handheld that’s likely to lack microSD support. Worry not though, 32 and 64 GB variations are also nigh. All with 12 MP rear-facing cameras capable of shooting UHD videos, and 2 MP selfie snappers with FHD capturing capabilities. ETA – September 4.

Via [GFX Bench]

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