Get ready for Windows 9 and possible public previews

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Not too long ago, it seems, consumers were in an uproar over the new release of Windows 8 and all the fancy changes that came with. Remember all the sand in everyone’s undies? Well, here we are today with Windows 9 right around the corner.

If you think that Spring 2015 is still so far off, blink once for the upcoming holiday season and once more for the aftermath. That’s how time travel works as you get older, right?

windows 9This new operating system, codenamed “Threshold”, is believed to highlight improvements to Windows’ overall usability. Users will benefit from having peripherals (e.g. mice, keyboard) work just as well with touch-features as standalone devices. Some of these features are known only according to leaks and have yet to be verified.

A big thumbs up will go to Microsoft if they integrate Cortana into the operating system.

Previously, the general public had to wait quite some time before having a preview made available. It appears that Microsoft has upped the ante and is looking for faster release schedules. The result is that a public preview of Windows 9 may be available as early as the end of September 2014.

So if you’re interested in what lies ahead for Microsoft’s latest, keep an eye out and you can get some hands-on time.

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    I am so ready for Windows 9. :).
    Bot so fond of Windows 8, so eagerly waiting for Windows 9. hoping it get my interest. I am wonder what would be the specification requirements.