Acer launches Liquid smartphones in Mexico

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Acer launches new Liquid smartphonesFive of Acer’s Liquid smartphones are now available in Mexico, and soon, the company will be launching the Leap smartband in the same market. The Z3, Z5, S1, Z4, and E3 Android smartphones are all available, though Acer has not yet announced what the phones will cost.

Office Depot will also be the primary store receiving the Leap smartband once that device launches in Mexico later this year. Each of Acer’s Liquid smartphones are available in 31 markets, and the company has continued to expand availability by introducing the devices in places throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Acer had originally planned to launch the devices in 25 markets before the end of 2014, so it is clearly moving ahead of schedule and surpassing expectations.

All of the Liquid smartphones have received mixed reviews, and since they are generally considered to be cheap devices, people in some European and American markets probably have no use for them.

Acer’s release of these smartphones in Mexico should help its overall market share in the area. Right now, Acer is already one of the top three PC brands in Mexico, so people may be more likely to trust Acer as a smartphone brand as well.

Via [Android Central]

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