Fingerprint scanner-toting Huawei Mate 7, Ascend G7 likely coming to IFA

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Huawei Ascend G7Huawei doesn’t do mystery very well, as it seems, with cryptic IFA press invitations followed by less-than-subtle teaser images of, yes, the Ascend Mate 7. Or Mate 7, as Huawei could pull an LG and ditch the Optimus-like Ascend prefix for its spearheads, preserving it just for low-enders and mid-rangers.

Whatever the market name, Ascend Mate 2 4G’s sequel will apparently feature fingerprint recognition technology, which you have to “feel” and “touch” to fully get. That’s what the Berlin gathering on September 4 is for, although maybe not only for that.

Coincidentally (or not), a batch of pretty low-res photos starring an unnamed Huawei handheld tucked inside a concealing, protective case surfaced online just as the OEM cranked up the Mate 7 teasing, suggesting the mid-end Ascend G6 could be due for a refresh of its own.

Huawei IFA

That’s merely a guess, mind you, albeit it’s crystal clear the pictured slab is not, I repeat, is not the Mate 7. Which means, unlike Apple and Samsung, Huawei envisions fingerprint scanning as a gimmick security-increasing method for both costly high-enders and sensible mid-rangers. Even along with humble specs such as 1 GB RAM and a 720p display. Too bad the actual sensor looks inspired by the clunky, protrusive one on the HTC One Max instead of Apple’s very ingenious, subtle and smooth solution.

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