Rumor: iPhone 6 model to feature “weak” spec

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There’s been a lot of speculation and discussion about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and how it’s going to compete against other devices from competitors. This latest leak, if it holds true, will leave many hopeful users a little crestfallen. The iPhone 6 may only feature 1GB of RAM, where so many of the latest smartphones have been packing 2GB or 3GB.


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This information comes from an image posted on Weibo by Chinese Apple repair company, Geekbar. We don’t know if the specification refers to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or the larger 5.5-inch one.

But if it holds true, then at least one of those may end up with only the meager 1GB of RAM. Either way, those who had been hoping to see a larger number are going to feel the slight sting of disappointment.

However, this could be an indicator that Apple is shooting for quality over quantity. The iPhone 5 model hasn’t suffered from a lack of performance, and it only has 1GB of RAM too.

If Apple plans to install better competing hardware and maintain top-notch smartphone operation, then size is moot. Even so, this won’t stop the inevitable “mine is bigger than yours” type of comparisons. Check the leaked image and see.


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  • Ben Franklin

    It even fails at quality, look at the Samsung galaxy s5 mini, way more power for the size. Also, the iphone 6 is not very small.