Noke Bluetooth padlock ditches stupid spinning dials

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Kevo has been out for over a year, and thousands of users everywhere have been able to enjoy keyless entry. Why fish around for a key to unlock your front door when your mere presence can do the same? Technically, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, but lets consider it one and the same. With this kind of success and innovation, it’s a wonder why more Bluetooth locks haven’t hit the scene. No more awkward fumbling.

Noke bluetooth padlock app High school is, arguably, where many young adults get a crash-course in padlock operation. It takes memorizing three numbers in the right spin order with sufficient precision in order to hear that satisfying ‘click’. Precision is key, since just one millimeter can throw the whole thing off and force you to start all over again. It’s not fun, when time is ticking down and you need to swap books before sprinting to the next class.

So bring on Noke, which is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock. Noke requires no key (get it?) and no memorized number combination. All it takes is pressing down on the lock’s shank while the connected device is in range. The accompanying app will be available for both iOS and Android, and it doesn’t even need to be launched in order to work. Easy. Simple.

What happens if your smartphone happens to be dead? The team behind Noke have implemented a patent-pending Quick-Click technology for just such occasions. Users can create a custom access code (think morse code with clicking the lock) that will open the lock. If desired, the auto-unlock can be turned off (through the app), leaving Noke operable only through the custom code.

Noke will use a common watch battery to provide power for the wireless functions. The app will notify users when the battery runs low. If it needs to be replaced, it’s as simple as swapping batteries in a remote control, all without needing the lock opened first.

Visit the Noke Kickstarter page for more information. Those who own and ride a bike will be interested in the option including a bike mount kit.

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