Rookie Lenovo wearable effort, Yoga Tablet 2 Pro spotted en route to IFA

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Lenovo Yoga TabletThere aren’t many device manufacturers as involved and successful as Lenovo in so many different branches of the vast tech market, but as versatile and rich the company’s product portfolio currently is, there’s apparently room for more.

Not content just with controlling the traditional PC scene, setting the pace of the growing convertible landscape and gradually boosting its smartphone presence, Lenovo will before long take a first stab at the fledgling wearable market.

A fairly timid first stab, based on data divulged by Bluetooth SIG, but maybe it’s best to adopt a baby-steps strategy in this space for now. And clearly, the SW-B100 “Bluetooth low energy Activity Tracker” fits the description.

Not exactly a full-fledged smartwatch, the “activity tracker” should first and foremost impress with a low, low price tag. And we don’t mean Samsung Gear Fit low. More like Acer Liquid Leap low. Xiaomi Mi Band low would be even nicer, but that’s such a long shot it isn’t even worth fantasizing about.

Anyhoo, we expect Lenovo’s rookie wearable piece to land at IFA in Berlin early next month, sporting an optical heart rate monitor and, of course, Bluetooth 4.0 support. The debut of a higher-end, extra-productive smartwatch isn’t out of the question either, although we don’t believe Lenovo is ready to take on Samsung, LG or Motorola. Besides, they’ll own Moto soon, so why try to cannibalize 360 sales?

Also expected at Lenovo’s IFA booth: tablets. Loads of them. A Miix 3, presumably, maybe a couple of fresh A-Series Androids, and, yes, a Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.

Certified in Indonesia, the “multimode” bad boy should follow in the footsteps of the Android-running Yoga Tablet 8 and 10, boosting screen size to 13 inches and, hopefully, productivity with a detachable keyboard rather than just a built-in kickstand. Oh, yes, IFA is shaping up to be quite the event.

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