Is YouTube’s Music Key the streaming service for you?

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YouTube Music KeyAlthough there’s been some backlash lately against music streaming services, that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down. Just last month, I finally made the leap to Spotify Premium and I’d be lying if I said my life isn’t monumentally better as a result. Finally, I can listen to “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn even when I’m underground. So, it’s no surprise that YouTube has decided to try its hand at a streaming music subscription service. Although it’s not yet official, new screen leaks suggest that YouTube will be realeasing YouTube Music Key to compete in the streaming game.

According to Android Police, YouTube Music Key will be a $10 monthly streaming music service enabling users to play YouTube songs without ads, watch videos in offline playback and allow users to listen to YouTube in an audio-only mode (a huge selling point). For example, just this week I was watching Ween’s live concert in Chicago via YouTube, and I came across their live performance of “She F**ks Me,” which I much preferred to the version on 1991’s album, [easyazon-link asin=”B002C2XXJE” locale=”us”]The Pod[/easyazon-link]. But alas, I don’t have access to the track anywhere but YouTube. Sometimes, you just want to hear the live, unreleased version of a song you like without necessarily needing the accompanying video of the sweaty rockers singing the tune. No offense, AC/DC. It will also make suggestions based on things you’ve already listened to.

Music Key hopes to give users access to more than 20 million high-quality tracks which puts them on the same level as Spotify and Beats Music. And if you’re on the fence, you can try out the service as part of their 30-day free trial.

So, could there possibly be a downside to making Music Key your primary music streaming service? Billboard reported back in June that YouTube was in the midst of a royalty dispute with artists such as Adele, Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys. Mind you, I can live without Adele but Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys are a necessity in my collection.

Would you make the switch to YouTube’s Music Key music and video streaming service?

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