Seek Thermal readies thermal camera for consumers

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seek-thermal-86167539A company called Seek Thermal today said it will make a thermal imaging camera available to consumers this fall.

Thermal (also known as infrared) cameras, long used for professional, law enforcement and military applications, measure the heat that objects and people radiate and turns it into a visual image. Essentially, it enables you to “see” things that you can’t necessarily with the naked eye.

Thermal imaging is obviously great for nighttime security, but there are numerous other applications. Said the company by way of example, “The Seek Thermal Camera will allow people to find their cat hiding in a hedge, spot where heat is escaping from inefficient insulation, trace a water leak across a wall, know where a frying pan or grill is too hot or cold, or find objects floating in the water off a boat at night.”

The Seek thermal camera is billed as the least expensive such device yet. Seek is working with several product manufacturers to integrate its technology in their own cameras. The company will release its own line of smartphone-connected cameras for iOS and Android devices this fall.

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