HTC One M8 for Windows available with Verizon pacts at $100, coming soon to AT&T

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HTC One M8 One M8 for WindowsThe convolutedly but appropriately named HTC One M8 for Windows has gone official at last, after a lengthy buzz buildup, and as expected, its loyalty lies exclusively with Verizon. For a limited time only though, as AT&T will be adding the Windows Phone to its rich smartphone portfolio before long.

On Big Red, the all-metal bad boy costs $99.99 with two-year carrier agreements, and we have no reason to believe Ma Bell will digress in any way from the “magic” number. Alternatively, you can opt to pay nada upfront and $29.99 every 30 days for 20 months with Verizon Edge, a program and structure that AT&T should match with Next.

Needless to say all the rumors were right on the money, and the M8 for Windows clones the Android-running M8’s looks and hardware. And we mean everything, everything about the original M8’s design and tech specs.

The winning aluminum unibody is there, the comfy, vivid 5 inches of Full HD likewise, and a quad-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 801 chip handles the processing power business, coupled with 2 GB RAM. Love it or hate it, the Duo Camera setup also makes a comeback, gracing the Windows Phone platform with its controversial presence.

Speaking of WP, the software is obviously a drastically different kettle of fish than on the Android One M8, but what’s interesting (and exciting) is HTC seems to be giving stock Windows Phone 8.1 the same treatment as Android, adding a bunch of bells and whistles on top. BlinkFeed and Sense TV included. Don’t fret though, Cortana has your back, as on all WP 8.1-based handhelds.

Via [Verizon], [AT&T]

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