Get ready for onslaught of Lenovo phones: Vibe X2, Apollo Yoga and more

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lenovo-roadmapNow that Lenovo is officially a more relevant player of the smartphone game than the suffering PC landscape, it makes perfect sense for the creators of the breathtaking Vibe Z2 Pro to focus on beefing up their mobile army. With or without Motorola’s support and expertise.

Based on a legit-looking product roadmap allegedly leaked to the press, Lenovo intends to do just that, flooding the market with a variety of handhelds aimed at different target audiences. For instance, the S858t, due out in late September and thus perhaps headed for an IFA introduction, will cater to the needs of portability lovers.

Described as a “minimalist style device”, the phone is to weigh a record-breaking 99 grams and measure an anorexic 6 mm thin. Of course, we’re not expecting powerhouse specs to fit inside the petite chassis, but that’s what the Vibe X2 is for.

Well, not exactly, but close enough, as it should sit considerably lower than the Vibe Z2 Pro on the Android totem pole, but noticeably higher of the S858t. With a focus on fashion, the Vibe X2 probably falls in the upper mid-range section of the smartphone world, packing a 2 GHz octa-core CPU and 4G LTE speeds.

Wrapping up the Lenovo trio expected in September, the A768t is no pushover itself, although its main target audience is budget-conscious phablet lovers. The rumored list of features includes a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 SoC, 1 GB RAM, 8 MP/2 MP cameras and LTE connectivity.

Following a short break from product launches, Lenovo shall bring to light the uber-slim Sisley in late October, with a 6.9 mm wasp waist, 13 MP rear-facing camera and colorful, playful design. Finally, the Apollo Yoga is set to bring some of the convertible Yoga magic to the mobile décor in November, appealing to nostalgia-ridden flip phone enthusiasts with a really nice twist: a 360-degree rotating body.

Wow, if Lenovo can do all that sans Motorola’s help, can you imagine what they’ll be up to once they absorb the Chicago-based giant?

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