Barnes & Noble, Samsung intro low-end, low-cost Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

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Galaxy Tab 4 NookIt’s alive! The Nook brand, although badly hurt by the downfall of e-readers, lives on in the form of a Frankensteinian hybrid that combines Barnes & Noble’s Android skin with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI for the most non-Android Android experience not hailing from Amazon’s labs.

But you know what the ironic thing is? Our biggest beef with Samsung and B&N’s Galaxy Tab 4 Nook isn’t the clunky, cluttered software. Not even close. Instead, it’s the distinctly crappy hardware and unfitting price tag that make us welcome the “new” slate with a decisive “no”.

No way. No, thanks, if you want us to be kind, or no, not this time. Not at $179. There’s simply not enough under the Tab 4 Nook’s hood to make the “deal” worth it, and the 1,280 x 800 pix res 7-inch panel is hands down the cherry on top of the crap cake.

And it’s shocking really, as the Tab 4 Nook is basically for Samsung’s standard Galaxy Tab 4 what the One M8 for Windows is for the regular, Android-running M8. A clone with modified software. Subtly modified in this case, and made to heavily rely on Barnes & Noble’s personal library of apps, books, magazines and everything in between.

So what made Sammy and Barnes confident in Tab 4 Nook’s chances when the original Tab 4 7.0 never took off? The free $200 “bestselling” content? Puh-lease, how are 48 old issues of four lousy magazines “bestselling”? You know what, forget it, this thing took up enough of our time already. Rest in peace, Nook, and may the gods have mercy on your soul.

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