Swing Copters for Android and iOS has been released and it’s more difficult than Flappy Bird

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swing coptersThe new game from Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen has just been released in both Google Play and App Store and it’s called Swing Copters. Think of this game as a vertical-scrolling version of the phenomenal hit, Flappy Bird. This time however, you’ll be controlling a little guy with a propeller hat instead of the flying bird.

Sounds easy? Wait til you get to play the game. But I’m warning you, the frustration level that you’ll reach when you play this game might lead you to throw away your smartphone in desperation. Yes, like Flappy Bird, this game is too difficult. In fact, I’ve tried getting through the first gap for more than 10 times now and I’ve yet to get through.

The gameplay seems pretty simple. Simply tap to change the little guy’s direction as he ascends, avoiding the obstacles and swinging hammers with the hope of getting through one gap after another.

Swing Copters is available as a free download for both Android and iOS. In-App purchase will take away the ads which is not really a problem so you may forego partaking of this IAP or if you’re feeling generous with Nguyen, then no one is preventing you from paying $.99.

We’ll see how fast Swing Copters will be taken up by Android and iOS gamers. I have a feeling that its difficulty might turn gamers off. If that happens, hopefully, an update will make the game a bit easier to play.

via [Google Play] and [App Store]

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