SoundCloud introducing ads and revenue sharing

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SoundCloud introducing ads and revenue sharingAs SoundClound tries to find new ways to monetize its music service, the company has introduced advertisements and service tiers. Certain users will now be able to monetize their content and share part of the ad revenue with SoundCloud. Even for users who are not interested in making money, SoundCloud has announced different tiers of service that open up a variety of features.

All of the tiers are part of the “On SoundClound” setup. The three tiers, Partner, Pro, and Premier, come with different benefits that some users may find useful. The Partner tier essentially gives users the same features as they currently have since it is free, but the Pro tier comes with stat information, longer upload times, and other features. For the time being, SoundCloud is only inviting some users to join the Premier tier as that is the one that enables monetization.

Listeners will begin hearing ads once in a while on the service as a result of this shift, but it isn’t expected the ads will be as common as those on other streaming services. On SoundCloud is only available in the United States right now, and SoundCloud hasn’t mentioned a timeline for its international expansion.

Via [Android Central]

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