Google Chrome now in Cuba

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Google Chrome now in CubaAmerican sanctions against Cuba remain strong, and as a result, the country has suffered in many ways. Even software downloads in the country are not easy to access, but Google is making progress by offering Chrome to Cuban users for the first time. People in Cuba will now be able to download the Chrome browser through Google’s official channels instead of through alternative means.

Raul Castro, the current leader in Cuba, has also been trying to expand internet access throughout his country. More internet cafes are opening up in the country, and even fiber optic connections are rolling out. Google went to Cuba in June to discuss the potential for a more progressive and open internet in Cuba, and from the little that we know, it seems Castro is on-board with executives at Google who would like to blanket Cuba with Google services.

The isolated nation is making progress, but Cuba’s own statistics reveal that a very small percentage of citizens have reliable and fast internet access. The most recent statistic places internet availability at 3 percent, and one of the contributing factors to the low internet adoption rate is the high cost of broadband.

Google’s Eric Schmidt has been making trips around the world to talk about offering Google services in isolated countries. As a result, Syrian and Iranian people now have access to Chrome, and Cuban individuals can be added to that list as well.

Via [The Verge]

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