EE offering 4G roaming in 14 additional countries

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EE offering 4G roaming in 14 additional countriesEE’s 4G roaming is expanding to include 14 additional countries, according to a statement from the wireless service provider. 4G roaming for EE customers was first introduced in early 2014, with EE allowing people to travel to France and Spain without having to worry about issues with roaming. Now, the latest expansion allows people to retain their 4G coverage while in Canada, Germany, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other nations around the world.

A slightly delayed expansion of EE’s 4G roaming will go into effect in South Korea on Friday. A roaming data bundle must be purchased when people are travelling outside of the country. EE is now offering a 500 MB data plan for £25 to people travelling inside of the EU. As for those who are going to countries outside of Europe, it is not clear how much a data plan will cost.

Regular customers can already purchase the roaming data plans for all of the aforementioned countries beginning Thursday, and corporate customers will be able to buy the roaming plans shortly.

EE had previously mentioned an expansion of the roaming service to the United States by this Summer, but we are approaching the end of the season without any word of a US roaming deal.

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