SmartWallet is exactly what it sounds like, and it hopes to be filled with sweet, sweet Kickstarter cash

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StreetSmart's SmartWallet

StreetSmart’s SmartWallet

It seems like every object is getting smarter these days, so why not your wallet?

SmartWallet wants to be your, um, smart wallet. Its inventor, StreetSmart, is seeking Kickstarter crowdfunding for the product through September 7.

So just what is it? Well, it’s a leather wallet that includes a Bluetooth LE locator, USB sync cable, integrated backup battery, and Lightning and micro-USB connections.

“We saw that a lot of wearable technology out there right now just kind of exists on its own,” said co-creator Samuel Pofcher in a news release. “We implemented technology that solves problems in your bare essential items that you use everyday all day.”

What’s so smart about it? For one, its Bluetooth LE locator helps you locate your misplaced SmartWallet with a tap of an app, which can geolocate the wallet from up to 150 feet away. If your phone is out of Bluetooth range, the phone automatically saves the last GPS location of the wallet and notifies you that you left it behind. One good turn deserves another: If you lose your phone, you can press both sides of the wallet clip to make the phone ring, even if it’s on silent or vibrate.

SmartWallet will be available in two versions. The Standard SmartWallet has three storage pockets and holds up to 12 cards. The Premium SmartWallet has two storage pockets and holds up to eight cards, but also features an integrated backup battery that can charge your phone up to 66 percent, as well as a USB sync cable with an Lightning and micro-USB option. Both include a clip to hold bills and documents.

The wallets are available in Jasper, Onyx and Amber leather colors. The Standard SmartWallet can be earned for a contribution of $75. The Premium SmartWallet can be earned for a contribution of $99. A Kickstarter Limited Edition Striped Moonstone leather design is available for a contribution of $199.

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